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Scents of Summer: 6 Fragrances Brands to Complete Your Seasonal Look 

Scents of Summer: 6 Fragrances Brands to Complete Your Seasonal Look 

Finding the ideal summer scents can be challenging. For many of us, they must evoke a seasonal mood, and they need to be light enough to justify wearing them during oppressive weather. Additionally, using a little perfume here and there is your best option now that the temperature is rising and deodorant is only effective to a certain extent.  

Scents of summer typically belong to the floral or citrus groups, though this is completely subjective. You can search for your preferred florals, such as jasmine, peony, and tuberose, as well as common perfume notes like orange blossom, mandarin, and grapefruit.  

Smell and memory are strongly related. These are the top 6 new scents of summer, ranging from a beach-inspired Eau de Parfum that makes you think of eating luscious fruit in the sun to one that smells exactly like a freshly-cut bouquet of garden flowers.  

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Giorgio Armani My Way Floral 

The floral hallmark of My Way is fresh and blossoming. My Way Floral uses ingredients that have been carefully gathered from all around the world. It is a beautiful white floral arrangement with orange blossom, tuberose, neroli, and citruses. Green Mandarin and Orange Blossom enfleurage in bitter orange oil provide the scent’s opening notes of zing and brightness. The rich and sophisticated delicacy of Neroli oil enhances the sensual tuberose in the center of the fragrance. Furthermore, white musk increases the base of the Vanilla Bourbon Infusion, revealing an enveloping aspect. 

Louis Vuitton City of Stars 

A joyous salute to Los Angeles at night, created by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, features a citrus quintet of lemon, blood orange, red mandarin, bergamot, and lime. A dry down of powdered musk, warmed by noble sandalwood, alludes to a desire that fades with the dawn’s first rays. An artistic depiction of a night in the City of Stars. 

Gucci Love at your Darkest Eau de Parfum 

Gucci’s Luxury Collection: The Alchemist’s Garden line of Eau de Parfum, acque profumate, and oils become adaptable and transformational when combined in a variety of perfume combinations to create a unique all-day alluring smell. The bottles found on the wooden shelves of a vintage apothecary, odd pharmaceutical jars, and the earliest perfumery bottles served as the inspiration for Tears from the Moon Eau de parfum. An insect that represents freedom, wisdom, and transformation—the dragonfly—is engraved on it as a reminder to live a life that is light and joyful. All of the Eau de Parfum is housed in lacquered Gucci scent glass bottles with stoppers and feature gold lettering, decorations, and hidden symbols. 

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Ralph Lauren Polo Earth Eau de Toilette 

This 97% natural-origin fragrance from Polo Earth is purposefully created for people of both genders. The fragrance combines luxury, sustainability, and nature. It is made with plant-based alcohol. No ingredients are derived from animals, sulfates, phthalates, artificial preservatives, or colorants. Polo Earth is a sheer, light scent that is energizing and simple to wear. It is made up of seven sustainably sourced ingredients from communities all around the world. Additionally, the fragrance bottle is sustainably constructed with an FSC-certified wood lid and label and is refillable. 

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Toilette 

The bright and brilliant Mon Paris Eau de Toilette Lumière captures the ardor of Paris. The transparent blouses by Saint Laurent served as the inspiration for this bottle, which has a sheath of black organza that lets the nude-colored satin sparkle through. The datura flower combines with patchouli, rose absolute, and glittering white lotus to produce a brilliant aquatic flowery scent. You can find these perfumes online and others here.  

Acqua Di Parma Colonia C.L.U.B. Eau de Cologne 

Colonia C.L.U.B. is a lively, all-encompassing Eau de Cologne that encapsulates the exciting sensation of joy in a bottle. A zesty beginning is provided by bergamot and lemon. Pink and black pepper notes reenergize the vibrant connection between aromatic shiso and rosemary. Furthermore, the soothing base of cedarwood and musk evokes the inner happiness of socializing with friends 

With Art Deco inspirations, the classic Acqua di Parma bottle is a must-have design item. The coat of arms on the label emphasizes the lengthy history of the Maison. The enlivening scent of Colonia C.L.U.B. personifies the bright feelings of the times that matter. 


The best summer perfumes evoke feelings of a trip to Capri or a cool breeze through your hair. Imagine these scents as a bottle of warm weather. Certainly, finding your new favorite summery fragrance will be simpler than you think. There are so many new summer scents that have arrived in 2023. Visit now. 


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