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How to Find the Best Perfume and Best Online Shops

How to Find the Best Perfume and Best Online Shops

Many people just randomly pick up perfume available in the supermarket without giving it much thought. However, each perfume is unique and is available in different concentrations. They have varied notes and last for different periods. This blog, written by experts at ShoPerfumes, will help you select the right and best perfume in Canada. You can also buy branded perfume online in Canada at our e-shop.

How to Select the Best Perfume in Canada? 

Step 1: Pick Your Notes

Every perfume has three different notes. You need to be aware of these notes as they determine the overall scent of the perfume. The three different notes are known as base notes, middle or heart notes, and top or head notes. They all function in tandem and create a distinct scent that is specific to that particular perfume.  

You would have heard that some branded perfumes in Canada contain different notes like rose, gardenia, narcissus or Lily – all belonging to different flowers. All these notes make up to create a floral scent. Some might be fruity with an undertone of citrus or apple.

There are several perfume brands in Canada perfumes that contain spicy notes like star anise or even cinnamon. These notes also help in creating gender-specific and even gender-neutral scents. Musk scents tend to be heavier and thus are suited for men. There are scent notes that smell like pine or leather as well.

There are many scents with several compositions of notes. It is advisable to choose the type of cologne or perfume based on the notes before making the purchase decision. One can easily learn about different notes and scents. This will help in getting a better understanding of perfumes that suits your taste.

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Step 2: Choose the concentration

There are four different levels of concentration in fragrances. Generally, the higher the concentration, price of the perfume also goes higher. Higher concentration perfumes or colognes have a very powerful scent and last longer than others. The branded perfumes in Canada which are among the top selling perfumes in Canada generally have more concentration and are expensive.

Parfum, or simply Perfume, has the highest concentration. Generally, they tend to last for a complete day with just one spray on the pulse points. They are also very expensive among all the types of branded perfumes in Canada.

Eau du Parfum is the next level. It has a lesser concentration than Parfum and typically lasts for about 6 hours after the spray.

The third level is Eau de Toilette. These are generally available in retail stores or supermarkets. They are affordable and sell in huge volumes. You would need more than just 1 spray to have the perfume last the whole day.

The fourth level is called Eau du Cologne. These perfumes last for only 2 hours after the application.

Step 3: Test the fragrance

Many top selling perfumes in Canada offer perfume samples for customers to test on their pulse points. You should definitely try testing the available samples. It will give you a good idea of what perfume to wear. Also, you can have three or four different perfumes for different occasions. Whether you are going to an important meeting, attending a social function, lounging at a club or enjoying a holiday in Europe – there’s a perfume for every occasion.   

The best perfumes in Canada serve different purposes and one should identify different scents for different occasions.   

When you test the fragrance on your skin, you understand how your body reacts to it. Our skin has different codes of hormones & perfumes, and each scent interacts with our skin differently. Spray a small amount of perfume on the wrist, wait for a few moments and smell how the scent feels. Your skin can either enhance or diminish the smell depending on the skin’s unique chemical makeup.    

Where to Buy Branded Perfume Online in Canada?

There are several online stores where you can buy top perfume brands in Canada. The list includes reputed online stores like FragranceNet, Notino, Amazon, Sephora and ScentBird among others. ShoPerfume is yet another destination where you can buy branded perfume online in Canada. We have some of the world’s best perfume brands in Canada. Explore our collection here.  From Armani and Amougae to Roja Dove and Rosendo Mateu, we have a curated collection of some of the finest and iconic perfume brands, exclusively for you. Start shopping and get smelling better.


Find the Best Perfume in Canada with these handy tips. At ShoPerfume, you can buy branded perfume online in Canada.


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